In 1890 Glenarme Distillery was created and Belle of Anderson Whiskey was born. The corner of Gratz and Dudley was home to Midway, Kentucky's first distillery and now it's newest music venue. 

1920 prohibition was in full swing and Belle of Anderson transitioned from whiskey to Medical Whiskey... "Huh?" Under government supervision of course. 2020 the government shut down live music and The Silo is now bottling medical sonic healing... Live music! Located in the cellar of the old transport warehouse - A place "where music is found" and drinks are plentiful.

Much of the typography aesthetics where inspired by the original lettering from 1890 Glenarme whiskey bottles.  The owners want to use the name "Silo" due to an original grain storage silo that's attached to the building.  Every part of the visual identity was born from a foundational piece of the distilleries heritage.